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Hi, We’re Lee Anne & Phil!

Are you tired of being afraid of success, failure, and what you’re capable of? Do you want to take your life into your own hands and discover your inner power?

Are you open minded and willing to try something new?

We genuinely want to help you discover a better version of yourself by removing the limiting beliefs, fears and anxiety that is holding you back from living a life you deserve.

Are You Ready To Break Free?


Hypnosis is an ideal way for you to enhance your life. Whether you want to improve your personal performance in a specific field, or feel better able to handle challenging circumstances (or people), or want to stimulate particular desirable qualities in yourself, going into a deep relaxed state and using the power of hypnotic suggestion can make a huge difference.

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Emotional Replacement Therapy

ERT is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals deal with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems. This therapy is based on the concept that emotions play a crucial role in shaping our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

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  • Perform your best in any circumstance

  • Utilize the power of your mind

  • Become aligned to allow all the blessings coming to you

what are the benefits of hypnosis

Client Success!

I have a new spring in my step, a new attitude and am handling new challenges a lot better.

My job continues to become more and more stressful. The impact of COVID with delays and re-timing of programs has the work load of my team nearly doubled for the foreseeable future. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I contacted Lee Anne about doing a small package that included a block removal and a couple of sessions for stress reduction. Well, work has not changed, but the way I manage it sure has. 

I am free to be perfectly, authentically me thank you so much!

I have been struggling for the last few years to find my voice again, as I had become far too sensitive to the reactions of others after experiencing narcissistic abuse. Lee Anne is a total God send… through hypnosis she guided me through my heart and I now know that what I have to say is not only important, it’s worthy of being heard, and the responses of others have nothing to do with me at all…

After the session I have done nothing but catching up on everything that I needed to do for so long!

I have had procrastination issues for mostly all my life! I had a session the other day with Lee Anne and asked her to do a procrastination session for me! Today I wanted to put something off and guess what because of the session with Lee Ann, I did it and now it is done!

Thanks Lee Anne for helping me and making sure that I trusted her before the session!! That was phenomenal!

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