Lose Weight With Hypnosis

February 5 – March 4th.

No food restrictions
Long-term mindset change around food
Sustainable way of eating.

mental blocks that keep the weight on

Can hypnosis really help you lose weight?

Dieting is a temporary plan for eating. Diets can be used to help you lose extra weight. Unfortunately, long-term diets don’t work, and research shows that most people regain the weight they lost within the first year.

Another reason diets tend to fail long-term is that they do not address the underlying emotional reasons or the programming of eating patterns.

During our 4 weeks together, you will reprogram those thoughts and patterns and learn to take control of your eating once in for all.

Meet Lee Anne

I’m a Certified Professional Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach. Driven by my compassion and my own personal transformation, I take pride in guiding my clients to create powerful changes in their lives.

As a hypnotist, my goal is to help you discover a better version of yourself by removing the limiting beliefs, fears, and anxiety that is holding you back from living a life you deserve.

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    Program Includes:

    • 4 Group Hypnosis Session
    • Weekly Group Coaching
    • Workbook/Journal
    • 2 Recordings
    • Group Support
    • Tools for Success

    VIP option available for a one-on-one session.

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